The Story Behind

La Marina

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The Begining

Influence on JJ

Born in Yucatan in 1957 and when he was 4 years old, he was taken to live in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States. He was influenced by American customs and the great variety of architectural styles that were found around the entire city.

Being only 11 years old JJ decided to be an architect, with the support and advice of his grandmother Margot, he began to capture his ideas on napkins and school notebooks, keeping in mind that at some point in his life those dreams would come true.

marina vallarta house for rent


JJ, studied middle and high school at the Jesuit school in the city of Guadalajara, where he learned the fundamentals of leadership, strength of character and social help. Upon finishing his studies at the Jesuit College, he began to study architecture at the UDG (University of Guadalajara), where his teachers admired his great passion for architecture and encouraged him to finish his studies, which led him to make his dreams come true.Dreams that he had longed for during 5 years of work and study of his career.


With only 23 years of age, JJ began to be recognized within the society of Guadalajara, after having worked in different proyects around Guadalajara, Zapopan and Chapala, the same society took him to know the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta in the year 1991. Upon arriving in beautiful Puerto Vallarta and starting his first work in front of Mismaloya beach, JJ told himself that sooner or later Puerto Vallarta had to be home to him and his whole family.

At the age of 23, he decided to start his own architecture business in Guadalajara, which he did for several years until he decided at the age of 40 to close his office in Guadalajara and concentrate all his efforts in the City of Puerto Vallarta where little by little he was recognized by different clients around the world who asked him for his architectural designs to build them in their native countries.
marina vallarta house for rent

A Love Story

Lily, Lomelin – Although it sounds strange but the first day I met JJ I realized his talent as an architectural designer. Years pass of hard work in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta,I was 38 and JJ was 40 years  old when we left Guadalajara with our four children to Puerto Vallarta already with projects in hand in the year 1997 That same year, JJ obtained the land to build the dream for our family. He showed me plans, told me details, I knew that ideas sprouted in his mind which he carried out.
Quarry upon quarry, that’s how the walls of this “Hacienda” are. I remember asking him how the beams would look where our bedroom would be… now I see them and I’m still amazed and fascinated seeing his arrangement.


Four years was the time it took to be able to admire every corner and place of coexistence, the kitchen with its custom-made stove, the details that step by step along with nature, the entrance is embraced by the pond, balconies, terrace and not to say the pool and fountain at the same time. There have been moments that we have lived and enjoyed with friends and family this beautiful “Hacienda” the tourist trucks walk through the marina to show its adobe walls and even the nonresidents who walk through the marina amazed, we invite you to come and see.
I thank God and JJ for always giving us the best.

the story is not over yet

Currently JJ and Lily live happily in Puerto Vallarta in the company of their 4 children and grandson. JJ with all his work experience is taking on different projects in Puerto Vallarta. Lily is in charge of receiving the guests who stay at Hacienda La Marina and personally telling them this amazing story.

JJ architect

"Where there is family effort there is life."